• where a thorough exam and full consideration are not 'alternative'

    Drs. Bower & Keenan and Associates is home to Peter Bower, M.D., Geoffrey Keenan, M.D., Diana Bower, F.N.P., Leslie Chisnell, R.N., C.M.T, and Theresa Sarver.

    Drs. Bower & Keenan and Associates is a unique medical practice dealing with musculoskeletal and neurologic disorders. As a team of skilled practitioners, we offer a philosophy of medical care that stems from the belief that within each of us are resources to produce self healing. The relation of our body's structure and function are inseparable from our health. With a combination of hands-on therapies, self awareness and exercise, and conventional medical diagnosis and treatment, we offer a full spectrum of individually tailored medical care for both straight forward and complex medical issues.